Health Benefits Behind Oral Exams

Proper dental care isn’t complex – the most important thing to do is keep up with your comprehensive oral exams. There’s more to each visit than simply looking for cavities or chips in the teeth. This type of evaluation examines all aspects of your mouth for a true picture of your physical health.

Who Needs a Comprehensive Oral Exam?

Going to the dentist is a fear for many people, and it can keep them from coming as often as they should. Honestly, everyone need regular oral exams; but if it’s been a few years since your last check up or you have noticed changes in your mouth or body health, you should visit a dentist for an oral examination.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Oral Exam

The exam gathers relevant information about physical and dental health, as well as medications and current conditions which can help your dentist stay a step ahead of any related oral diseases. Your dentist will also evaluate your lymph nodes and thyroid to ensure your mouth’s health isn’t impacting other areas of your body and vice versa.

In just one visit, your dentist will be able to understand the condition of your mouth, and he or she will know more about your general health. These examinations can catch oral diseases early and alert you to issues like diabetes, hypertension, leukemia, and more.

For the health of your mouth and your entire body, it’s recommended you visit the dentist every six months for a comprehensive oral exam. If you are looking for a dentist near Leesburg, Fla., trust Eddie Orobitg, DMD to take care of you and your family.Contact us at 352-702-4147 to receive dental care from the people who excel at caring.

Why You May Be More Prone to Cavities

Having cavities doesn’t always mean you have poor dental hygiene or you don’t regularly brush or floss. In fact, dentist Page Caufield, Ph.D., who studies tooth decay at the University of Michigan Dental School, states “brushing and flossing is not going to prevent cavities. The brushing and flossing mantra has been used for a long, long time, but if you look at controlled clinical studies, very few show a reduction in cavities.”

Unfortunately, certain populations are proven to be more cavity-prone. The CDC released a report stating cavities are more prone for African-Americans, 46 percent of the population having cavities, and Hispanics, with 36 percent of the population having at least one cavity. “A new study found that a small percentage of African-Americans are missing a variant form of salivary protein that wards off cavity-causing bacteria,” David Silverstrom, DDS, at the Silverstrom Group, told Yahoo Health in a recent interview.

How can you then avoid getting cavities? One of the leading causes of cavities is sugar. Exemplary dental care always encourages dental health, but eliminating or reducing the sugar content in your diet, particularly for individuals more prone to cavities, will decrease your likelihood of a cavity occurring.

Additional risk factors for an increased probability of cavities include:

  • A buildup of oral bacteria and plaque
  • Dry mouth
  • Tooth shape
  • Gum recession
  • Gastro-esophageal reflux disease

Cavities are caused when bacteria from the fermenting process of sugar that naturally occurs in your mouth finds its way into an existing hole or fissure in a tooth. Some people tend to have deep crevices in the surface of our teeth which creates the perfect location for the bacteria to rest and grow. Regularly visiting the dentist can help ensure all the bacteria and resting food particles are cleared from your teeth’s natural crevices and holes.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, need a dental cleaning or know you need a cavity filled, call Eddie Orobitg, DMD to schedule an appointment at 352.787.5919. We’re redefining the dental experience!

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