While Dr. Orobitg performs many general, cosmetic, endodontic and periodontic procedures, certain dental conditions may require further evaluation and treatment by a dental specialist. We only refer our patients to specialists whose standard of excellent care is equal to our own.

Retrieving Records and X-rays

X-rays from previous providers can be requested by our office after the patient signs a “Release of Records” form. Some providers may charge a small handling fee for duplication of x-rays. If you require duplication of x-rays from our office, please let us know.

Financing Available

It is our goal to provide you with the very best care in a friendly and comfortable environment. We understand the importance of excellent healthcare and the positive impact it can have on your life.

In many cases, a treatment plan can exceed your insurance carrier’s coverage limit. To help make these services more affordable, our practice offers an easy-to-use payment plan through our patient-financing partner, Care Credit.

By completing a quick and simple application, we can qualify you for financing during your visit. There is no fee to apply and it is a completely voluntary and confidential application. Go to http://www.carecredit.com/apply/

Insurance and Payment

There is a great deal of confusion about dental insurance. Please remember, we do not work for any insurance company or for any PPO or HMO. We work for you. Our treatment recommendations are based solely on what we feel will give you the best dental outcomes. Insurance companies' treatment recommendations are based solely on what is best for their profit margins.

There are two methods commonly used by dental insurance companies to limit your reimbursement. The first is the payment schedule, which limits the amount covered for any particular procedure. Most of these benefit tables are based on faulty and outdated information and cannot be justified. An insurance company may also limit payment because they claim the fee was greater than the "usual and customary" charge for that procedure. Again, it is impossible to ascertain how the insurance company arrived at their "usual and customary" figures, which can be less than half of those found in nationally published data. Moreover, we are not satisfied with "usual" or "customary" and you can expect unusual and extraordinary care at our office.

The second - and most restricting - limitation to benefits is the yearly maximum payment the dental insurance company will reimburse. Regardless of the procedure coverage, most dental insurance companies will cap payment between $1000 and $2000 a year. Thus, if the insurance company's scheduled re-imbursement for a $3000 procedure were $2400, they would still only pay up to their yearly maximum of, say, $1500.

While we are not directly involved with any insurance company, we will do all we can to help you derive maximum benefits from your insurance plan. For new patient consultations and dental cleanings, we provide "attending doctor" statements for you to attach to your insurance claim form. For more extensive treatment we will submit a pre-treatment estimate to your insurance company, when requested, to determine what reimbursement is available for anticipated services. After that treatment is completed, our office will then send in a final insurance claim for you.

We have a staff member who will help patients receive as much as possible from their insurance company, but remember this is done as a courtesy to our patients. Each patient is entirely responsible for his or her bill

Prescription Refills

New prescriptions or refills of medications ordered such as pre-treatment antibiotics are printed or called, faxed or emailed to the patient’s pharmacy directly -- generally within one business day. Patients receiving prescriptions must be current, established patients of record seen within the past 12 months. To ensure you receive refills in a timely manner, please contact us or have your pharmacy contact us at least 72 hours before your prescription runs out.

In Case of Emergency

Our staff strives to provide care that keeps your teeth and gums healthy. Emergency situations are rare in our office, but they do occur. This may include swelling and/or severe pain. Broken teeth or lost fillings may not require emergency treatment unless swelling and severe pain are experienced. We try to see patients with emergency problems as quickly as possible and within 24-48 hours. An additional fee is required for weekend and after-hours appointments.

Office Hours

Our office hours are Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., closing for lunch from 1-2 p.m. Friday hours are 8 a.m. – noon.

Cancellation Policy

Appointments are reserved exclusively for the patient named in the reservation. A 24-hour notice is appreciated for cancellations. Failure to keep appointments can result in a charge for the missed appointment.

Shondra Orobitg, RDH

Shondra OrobitgShondra has been a hygienist since 1993, after graduating from Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville. Her experience as a dental assistant includes work in a pedodontic/orthodontic office and assisting in several projects at the University of Florida Periodontal Disease Research Center. Her general practice in dentistry involves 10 years of direct patient care as a hygienist, and she has completed more than 20 hours of continuing education on implant procedures. She also has extensive training in cosmetic dentistry. Currently taking a break from clinical dentistry, Shondra limits her time to office management. She and Dr. Orobitg were high school sweethearts who married in 1991, and they now have three children.


Emily Jones, RDH

Emily JonesEmily joined our team in 2000. The Leesburg native is a graduate of Valencia Community College. She and her husband Randy, also a native Floridian, are the proud parents of two beautiful children. Her husband works in his family’s business. Growing up, going to the dentist was something Emily actually looked forward to twice a year. “I loved my dentist, hygienist and oddly enough, even that famous ‘dental office’ smell. So I never thought twice about becoming a dental hygienist when choosing a career.” She participated in dual enrollment at Lake-Sumter Community College as a senior in high school and was accepted at Valencia Community College. She has an AS degree in dental hygiene.



Jana Hallmark, CDA

Jana 2Jana graduated from Liberty University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is certified in radiology for dentistry. Trained in Cerec®, a process that involves the creation of dental restorations, Jana has expanded duties in dental assisting. She also enjoys assisting with surgeries and intricate dental procedures. “I love working with patients and helping improve overall health through dentistry.” She has lived in Florida for 14 years and has been a patient of Dr Orobitg’s for 13 years.




Erin Ray, RDH

Erin 2Erin began in dentistry in 1998 as a sterile tech/dental assistant. She enjoyed the dental field so much that she was motivated to go to dental school at Tallahassee Community College to further her studies and gain more skills. Erin graduated in 2003 with an associate of science degree in dental hygiene. “I strive to deliver quality care in a comfortable manner to my patients.” She also takes pride in helping patients improve the health of their teeth and gums before and after treatments. Married with two daughters, Erin and her husband are both Leesburg natives.




Mary Lou Chapel

Mary Lou ChapelMary Lou has more than 30 years of experience in the dental profession, and received her dental assistant training in Atlanta. She has extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, practice management and insurance protocols. Married with one son, the native Floridian enjoys her grandchildren, kayaking, nature and beautiful sunsets. "I've been fortunate to work with very talented clinicians and wonderful patients throughout my career."


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