Cleanings (prophylaxis)

In addition to daily oral hygiene practices, regular cleanings by a dental professional is vital to keep your mouth healthy. When you come into our office for a cleaning, one of our hygienists will work with you for 30-60 minutes.

A dental cleaning involves brushing and flossing just like normal but we will also remove tartar buildup and polish your teeth. If the cleaning is part of your yearly checkup, we’ll probably take X-Rays to check for cavities.

Dr. Orobitg will come around and check your gums for signs of gum disease and will look over your teeth and mouth to assess your overall oral health.

In all, a dental cleaning is generally a painless, simple, and fast procedure that plays a big role in keeping up high oral standards.

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  • Dr. Eddie gives 110% to your problem or concern, and is incredibly gentle, professional, caring and skilled.
    Judy Blanchard

  • I avoided photos and eating out. Even worse was the pain. People know something’s better. They just don’t know what. I can’t stop smiling.
    Martha Millard

  • Dr. Orobitg has the absolute lightest touch.
    We would never go to another dentist.
    Dreama Michael and Norma D. Hurst

  • I’ve been his patient close to 10 years. I love his staff and felt confident in their abilities from the first visit.
    Halah Ismail

  • I finally have confidence my teeth are healthy.The two Cerec restorations Dr. Orobitg did in one appointment were the icing on the cake. Beautiful. THANK YOU.
    Sheryl Garelick

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