Shondra Orobitg, RDH

Shondra OrobitgShondra has been a hygienist since 1993, after graduating from Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville. Her experience as a dental assistant includes work in a pedodontic/orthodontic office and assisting in several projects at the University of Florida Periodontal Disease Research Center. Her general practice in dentistry involves 10 years of direct patient care as a hygienist, and she has completed more than 20 hours of continuing education on implant procedures. She also has extensive training in cosmetic dentistry. Currently taking a break from clinical dentistry, Shondra limits her time to office management. She and Dr. Orobitg were high school sweethearts who married in 1991, and they now have three children.


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  • Dr. Eddie gives 110% to your problem or concern, and is incredibly gentle, professional, caring and skilled.
    Judy Blanchard

  • I avoided photos and eating out. Even worse was the pain. People know something’s better. They just don’t know what. I can’t stop smiling.
    Martha Millard

  • Dr. Orobitg has the absolute lightest touch.
    We would never go to another dentist.
    Dreama Michael and Norma D. Hurst

  • I’ve been his patient close to 10 years. I love his staff and felt confident in their abilities from the first visit.
    Halah Ismail

  • I finally have confidence my teeth are healthy.The two Cerec restorations Dr. Orobitg did in one appointment were the icing on the cake. Beautiful. THANK YOU.
    Sheryl Garelick

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